«This time she makes everyone speechless»: Elon Musk’s mother does not stop attracting fans at the age of 74  

Fans are in awe of May Musk’s swimsuit photoshoots 🤗😍

Elon Musk is one of the most successful people in the world, but he couldn’t reach anything without his mother, who raised him perfectly.

May Musk is 74, but it doesn’t disturb her to be the respected model of a famous brand. She proudly shows off her figure in swimsuits, proving to everyone that women of her age can also be beautiful and attractive.

She advises everyone to be self-confident and love themselves as they are. Women of her age also have the right to be loved and appreciated by others. Just they need a little confidence and courage.

What’s your opinion about this matter? Do you agree with this rich woman?

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