«The former Superman is now with a belly!»: This is how Superman from «Smallville Mysteries» has changed

The fans refused to believe that this man with a belly and gray beard is Superman 😳🤔

Actor T. Welling is well-known for his portrayal of C. Kent in «Smallville Mysteries». Believe it or not, 12 years have already passed and the cast has changed a great deal. The lead character has undergone noticeable changes.

However, he is the same attractive and charismatic man even after so many years and radical changes. Despite his big belly and gray beard, he still captivates everyone with his timeless charm. He is now 46 and still delights his audience.

Though he has played many other roles after «Smallville Mysteries», he didn’t achieve as much success as at that time. He, anyway, continued being involved in the industry.

What concerns his personal life, he has been married to J. Rose Lee for four years. The spouses have two adorable children.

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