«DiCaprio’s 78-year-old parents»: This is what the Hollywood actor’s parents look like today

Jack from «Titanic» showed his aged parents in real life and surprised everyone 🤔🤗

This prominent and successful actor has always been sincerely grateful to his parents for shaping him as such a decent man and great actor. He always thanks them for letting him become a star claiming that this all is thanks to them.

His parents are G. DiCaprio and I. Indenbirken. Though they divorced when the future star was still a year-old, they both took an active role in their heir’s upbringing.

Since the future star was always surrounded by artists and creative people, the fact that he grew up to take a great interest in acting is not surprising at all.

He claims that he will never forget their unwavering support and encouragement when he was still on the path to achieving success in the industry.

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