«She seems like a different person»: Nicole Kidman was caught training without makeup

Fans were surprised by Nicole Kidman’s casual look 😱😳

55-year-old Nicole Kidman attracts everyone with her charm and beauty. She is not only a talented actress, but also a stunning woman, who always tries to keep her youthful appearance. But how? It’s unknown for fans.

One thing is clear: Kidman has a strong love towards gym and healthy diets. Many people are sure that it’s the result of her such a youthful look, but others think that she has applied for plastic surgeries to look much more beautiful and stunning.

Recently, the star was captured by the paparazzi doing her regular training. She was without makeup and was wearing an ordinary sport outfit.

Fans were surprised by her such an unkempt look. They expressed their concerns about her strange hairstyle and poor appearance.

What do you think about Nicole Kidman? Do you consider her beautiful?

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