«Is this the same man? No way!»: The incredible transformation of Goodman resulted in mixed reactions

No one recognized Goodman who has lost 200 lbs and changed beyond recognition 😳🧐

This prominent and successful actor is best remembered for such films as «The Big Lebowski» and «King Ralph». The recent makeover of the great movie star left everyone speechless.

The film star’s recent look on the red carpet at the 62nd Monte Carlo Television Festival caused a stir. His radically changed appearance let no one stay indifferent. The fans and supporters of the man could find no words of express their surprise.

Believe it or not, he weighed no less than 398 lbs in 2007. At first, he stopped drinking which had a positive effect on his health and appearance. It goes without saying that without the surgery he simply couldn’t undergo such radical changes.

He hired a fitness trainer and started to take up sports regularly. He attended the gym 6 times a day and started to walk about 20 000 steps a day. He included fruit, vegetables and products containing protein in his staple diet.

Goodman started his drizzling acting career in 1978 with the movie «Arachnophobia» alongside J. Daniels and A. Pacino. He made his debut with his role in «A Midsummer Night’s Dream».


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