«She stopped pretending!»: MacDowell decided to embrace natural beauty and this is what she looks like

Here is the new MacDowell after she stopped dyeing her gray hair and injecting Botox 😱😮

This is what the iconic star of «Groundhog Day» looks like now. To say that she looks simply fantastic at her 64 is actually nothing to say. Andie seems to have no plans to age yet.

She has always captivated everyone with her sincere smile, charming gaze and charisma bringing her each and every role to life and delighting millions of viewers.

During one of her interviews she has admitted that she decided to stop dyeing her hair and now embrace natural beauty.

«My sister who is only 18 months older than me, has been gray for a long time. I used to look at her and marvel: how silver hair suits her, and I was even a little jealous».

And now, even when she doesn’t dye her hair and do beauty injections, she, anyway, looks amazing for her age. It is worth mentioning that she has always been teaching her children to love and respect themselves.

She claims, «Aging is a very intimate lesson in self-love, and you have no power to stop it». Initially, she believed that she should always look amazing to get film roles, then she realized that even with her natural beauty the fans admire her.


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