«Back to days when he was still with hair!»: This is what actor Mark Strong looked like before baldness

Only a few have seen what Mark Strong looked like before he went completely bald 🤔😳

Many have not seen M. Strong in his youth before he went bald. It is worth mentioning that his baldness has become one of his distinguishing features. This is what he looked like before his baldness.

Surprisingly, Strong started to lose his hair when he was only twenty-five. This, of course, made him upset and he even developed some complexes. It was in 1990 that he brilliantly played Constable Gibb in «The Bill». At that time, he was 27.

He was best remembered for his role as a Nazi in the movie «Against the Wind». At this point his baldness became much more obvious.

Then, he excellently took part in the 1994 film «Trapped». At that time, he was already totally bald.

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