«Mother’s genes did their job!»: The life and career of film star Streep’s four children

Streep showed her eldest daughter and people were amazed by their resemblance 😮🧐

Here is M. Streep, a highly praised, enormously talented and charismatic actress in Hollywood, who is well-known for her successful roles in films and her exceptional beauty that let no one stay indifferent.

It goes without saying that the life and appearance of her children was always the center of public attention. The actress’s husband is Don Gummer with whom she had four kids.

Meet the eldest one, Mamie, who decided to become an actress just like her mother and made her debut in the industry at a very young age. Only a few know that she played her mother’s little daughter in «Heartburn».

The middle one is Grace who also followed in her mother’s footsteps. She even portrayed her young mother in a movie.

What concerns the youngest one, she has become the face of the prestigious advertising company «Christian Dior». She also tries her hand in acting.

And, eventually, her son Henry Wolfe who built his career in music. The talented guy records soundtracks for famous films and even released an album in 2011.

It is visible to the naked eye that all the children of the iconic actress look incredibly like their mother.

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