«The Hollywood idol is now a grandpa!»: The way Grant has changed caused mixed reactions

This is what years have done to one of the major heartbreakers in Hollywood 🧐😳

Towards the handsome, attractive look and charisma of this great man, no one could stay indifferent. The allure and hotness of this heartbreaker delighted everyone at that time.

After some of his roles in movies, he could gain the title «one of the sex symbols». He won millions of female hearts and had romances with some of the most beautiful women.

Now, he is already 62 and has changed a lot. From a heartthrob he turned into an ordinary grandpa with gray hair. Many claim that age has already taken its toll making him «a dull pensioner».

The legendary actor embraces natural aging and doesn’t even try to look younger. Unlike many of his co-stars and colleagues, he strongly refuses to turn to surgeries.

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