«Constant trials and scandals made him unrecognizable»: Depp caught by paparazzi surprised the fans with his look

This is what the legal battles and scandalous divorce have done to Johnny Depp 🧐🤔

The appearance of one of the most successful and renowned actors have caught the attention of the public. Depp went out to meet his fans and many started to worry about his health wondering why his appearance has changed so dramatically.

Many claimed that Captain Sparrow is not the same and the constant legal battles and scandalous divorce have changed him a lot.

The prominent actor was spotted at the Capitol Theater in New York. The paparazzi and journalists never miss a single chance to capture the actor as he very rarely appears in public. He started signing autographs and posing for photos.

The star was in a jacket and a white shirt. His blue sunglasses with chameleon lenses became the perfect complement for him. With his scarf, massive rings, chains and cap he seemed as if he had just come out of the 1980s.

Once the photos were shared on social media, many started to actively discuss his exhausted appearance. Many noticed that Depp has noticeably aged and is far not the same.

For domestic abuse, the woman now owes the man 15 million dollars. The successful actor does everything to forget all the things about his ex-wife. What concerns the woman, she rushed to leave Hollywood and is no longer respected.

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