«Cellulite on thighs and loss of charm!»: Paparazzi have shown what the celebrity looks like in reality  

This is what one of the most in-demand supermodels looks like with no retouching 😳😱

According to a great number of specialists and experts, B. Hadid is the most perfect-looking woman in the world. People find no flaw and imperfection on her considering the girl’s appearance literally ideal for modeling.

Not only her great talent and professionalism, but also her unique beauty and attractiveness made her one of the most in-demand and desirable models in the industry.

Her every appearance makes a splash making the fans and supporters of the supermodel admire her even more.

Yet the most recent photos show something different. Some extra kilos and cellulite were clearly seen on her thighs. Some believed she took a break from the regular workouts.

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