«Every girl would dream of being next to him!»: Thurman’s son grew up to be a handsome boy  

Here’s what Thurman’s 20-year-old son looks like 🧐🤔

Thurman’s son has appeared at the center of netizens’ discussions due to his handsome appearance, as well as a successful career. He has already started his first attempts at acting, and it’s obvious that he has a great talent, which, of course, he inherited from his mother.

Levon played his first role in 2018. Although it was not a main role, it brought him recognition and after it he started to appear on the screen quite frequently.

He has many fans, who are captured by his appearance and follow him on Instagram to see what their beloved actor does, what he likes and how he lives.

He received a great number of comments under each photo he shares. People appreciate his talent and handsome look, writing that each girl would dream of being next to him.

His mom is also attracted by his beauty. They share a strong bond and adore each other.

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