«The marriage that lasted for 4 DAYS!»: This is what Cage’s ex-wife looks like with whom he lived for 4 days

Here is Cage’s fourth wife whom he divorced on the 4th day of their marriage 😳😮

Everyone probably knows this world-renowned and prominent actor who brilliantly played in several movies establishing his irreplaceable place in the industry. Many remember him from the famous movie «Valley Girl».

The films such as «Face\Off» and «Leaving Las Vegas» brought him overall recognition and world-fame. What is more, «National Treasure» and «Ghost Rider» made him a renowned and highly praised actor.

The personal life of the prominent actor has always been the subject of discussions. He had to share his whole fortune between his four wives.

His fourth marriage literally made a splash on social media. With his wife E. Koike he lived for 4 days as spouses. This is what the woman looks like.

Many are convinced that she married the actor for his financial status and position and rushed to divorce days after the wedding.

One may say that his personal life has not been as successful as the prominent actor wanted it to be.

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