«When high fashion went too far!»: The way Kendall appeared at Paris Fashion Week resulted in mixed reactions

Millions of critics laughed at Kendall Jenner’s hilarious outfit at Paris Fashion Week 😳😱

The absolutely unique outfit of K. Jenner at Paris Fashion Week made a deep impression on absolutely everyone. The show was organized by designer Simon Porte. It was held near the Palace of Versailles.

Her luxurious jewelry including a choker and dangling earrings gave one of the highest-paid models of the industry even more charm and femininity. Her brunette hair was styled neatly in a bun.

Far not everyone liked her outfit, to tell the truth. Some even added that her dress reminded them of a huge diaper. According to the majority of the commentators, this definitely was unsuccessful. E. Ratajkowski was another runway star there.

Her bustier top, puffy sleeves and strappy shoes pleasantly surprise the spectators.

Her mini but voluminous skirt was made of the same fabric. Her cute curls and vibrant makeup perfectly suited her.

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