«Like wine, she gets even better over the years!»: The unfading beauty of 50-year-old Vergara delights the fans

It is impossible not to fall in love with 50-year-old Vergara in a revealing bikini 😍

Looking at this photo, no one would guess that this stunningly-looking woman is S. Vergara. The fans rushed to compare her to wine since they bot get better over the years. Towards her impeccable figure, no one can remain indifferent.

The tiny black bikini she appeared in perfectly accentuated her attractiveness. The fans couldn’t understand how a 50-year-old woman could look this good.

She was immediately «attacked» by nice and pleasant compliments.

«How is it possible to look this attractive?», «It’s illegal to have such a toned and appetizing body at 50!».

«She has a body of which millions of girls dream», «How long did I sleep? Is she already 50?».

«Does she even know how to age?», «Like good wine, she gets even better», «Incomparable!».

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