Tina Kunaki’s Drastic Transformation Since Divorce Leaves Fans Concerned: From Beauty Icon to Unrecognizable

She has changed a lot since the divorce 😳🤔

We know that Tina Kunaki was considered one of the prettiest celebrities in the world, but according to her fans, she has changed a lot after her divorce from Vincent Cassel.

Although she tried to present herself perfectly at the Cannes Film Festival, people immediately spotted that she looked not so good. The wrinkles on her face and unreal smile were noticeable.

She was once considered an icon of beauty and charm for many people, but now her such poor look makes her fans upset.

While many people expect their reunion in near future, others are sure that they will never be reunited and suggest the star find a better partner.

Recall, that according to some sources, the couple was separated after Vincent deleted all photos of his wife from his Instagram account, with whom she had been married for 5 years.

The couple first met each other in 2016, and after two years, in 2018 they got married. A year later they had a daughter named Amazonie.

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