Victoria Wilde: Embracing Unconventional Beauty and Challenging Beauty Standards Amidst Controversy

She is convinced that she did everything right 🤔🧐

Victoria Wilde, who is very self-confident and thinks that she is the most beautiful woman in the world, has become quite famous not only in her country, but also throughout the world.

People are surprised with her confidence and even they want to ask her a question if she knows what means to be beautiful.

At the age of 30, Victoria is already well-known but not for her beauty, but for her unnatural look, which she got after many plastic surgeries.

When her archival photos were shared on social media, where she was still natural, people expressed their opinions that she was much more beautiful before cosmetic procedures.

However, Victoria accepts herself in this way and is pleased with her new look.

She completely changed her face and breasts and now looks completely different.

She thinks that she is attractive and can win the heart of each man. But many netizens criticize her for her confidence and bold outfits.

Victoria claims that she doesn’t regret about her actions.

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