«The only daughter of the leader of Nirvana»: Here is the heiress of legendary musician Cobain

This is what a rare beauty Cobain’s only daughter Frances has become 🤔🥹

However surprising it might seem, the heiress of the leader of the legendary musical band has lately turned 30. Here is Frances Bean who looks incredibly like her late iconic father.

It was three decades ago when C. Love gave birth to the only daughter of Cobain. However, the girl has grown alienated from her father since she remembered that he had left her and her mother. Though she doesn’t deny his incredible talent.

It goes without saying that the girl inherited both of her parents’ features, yet her father’s genes were definitely dominating. She also inherited her the man’s character. She is compassionate and seeks consensus when problems occur.

Believe it or not, she doesn’t listen to her father’s music. She is fond of punk music and gives her preference to a different subgenre over grunge.

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