«Neckline to the navel – a key element of her wardrobe!»: Longoria’s recent appearance became the subject of discussions

The «Desperate Housewives» star’s spicy outfit with a deep neckline surprised everyone 😍

The bold and daring outfit E. Longoria came into the Cannes Film Festival really made a splash.

The legendary star of «Desperate Housewives» pleasantly surprised everyone with her deep neckline and extravagant look. It is worth mentioning that apart from being a successful and world-renowned actress, she is also an incredible beauty.

One may say that her stunning figure is simply a cherished dream for millions of young girls. She also does regular exercises and follows a healthy diet.

Her confident appearance on the Red Carpet left no one indifferent. Her silk pantsuit with a plunging neckline perfectly accentuated her attractive physique. No man could resist and not fall in love with her.

Her wide and sincere smile always becomes her final touch without which none of her outfits look complete.

«Even men were blushed», «Isn’t this too much?», «Neckline is a key element of her wardrobe», «You forgot to wear something».

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