«An icon of the 1990s is now unrecognizable!»: This is how one of the popular 1990s actresses has changed over time

The fans refuse to believe that this plump woman in baggy clothes is Bridget Fonda 😱😲

Looking at this plump woman, one may find it difficult to believe that she used to be a 1990s icon. Now, it is impossible to recognize the popular movie star who has gained much weight and, according to many, ceased to look like herself.

It is worth mentioning that she is a member of a famous family since her father was Peter Fonda, her grandfather was Henry Fonda and her aunt is Jane Fonda.

She is best remembered for her roles in «Single White Female», «The Godfather III», «Jackie Brown», etc.

Fonda left Hollywood in the 2000s and it had been a long period that her fans didn’t see her in public. That’s why her radically changed appearance after so many years left the netizens speechless.

She married composer D. Elfman and gave birth to a boy in 2005. It is worth mentioning that the accident she had may have influenced her decision to leave the big screen as well.

And this is what she looks like now. Paparazzi caught the woman in public who has changed greatly in recent years.

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