«The career break was an advantage»: Actress Bullock’s spectacular appearance at the Oscar pre-party surprised everyone

Sandra Bullock, 58, returned after a career break and delighted everyone with her beauty

In March last year, renowned American actress S. Bullock announced a short break from her drizzling acting career. The outstanding movie star intended to spend more time with her precious family.

Dedicating herself to family life, Bullock didn’t appear at any events and shows making her fans miss their idol so much. She has lately made her first appearance at the Oscar pre-party after her short-term break.

She definitely looked amazing and gorgeous drawing everyone’s attention to her. The American actress gained a fresher look after the break and managed to pleasantly surprise all the attendees appearing in the spotlight.

People assume that soon she will return to the cinema as well given the fact that during one interview B. Pitt admitted that the American actress and him had a brilliant idea.

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