The blonde stewardess from «The Fifth Element»: This is how actress and model Sophia Goth lives and looks 23 years later

Here is the charming check-in attendant from «The Fifth Element» after 23 years

Here is Sophia Goth who gained overall fame and popularity after the great movie «The Fifth Element». Many have been wondering what the outstanding actress looks like now years after the release of the popular film.

The well-known actress was born in Sweden and initially had a career as a model starting her debut in the modeling business for the European agency Elite.

From the 1980s to 1990s, Sophia appeared on the cover of Elite and Vogue magazine achieving incredible heights in fashion shows.

She brilliantly portrayed the pretty blonde stewardess with a bob haircut who was supposed to check the passengers’ documents before they boarded the plane. After this role she hasn’t appeared in any other films. Probably, acting was not for her.

Currently, she lives in Stockholm and is a professional yoga instructor. She also takes great interest in equestrian sports and, due to a proper nutrition and regular activity, she has retained her stunning appearance and still looks amazing.

There is no information about her personal life and her fans can do nothing but to guess who the chosen of the actress and model is.

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