«Indescribable beauty»: Here is actress Naomie Harris well-known for her role of Calypso in «Pirates of the Caribbean»

This is what a beauty was hiding behind Calypso in «Pirates of the Caribbean»

Since the very release of the great movie «Pirates of the Caribbean», everyone’s attention was drawn to this wild and unique beauty who was a goddess, but pretended to be a fortune teller. The role was brilliantly played by actress Naomie Harris.

Many viewers took great interest in this intriguing character and highly praised the realistic and brilliant acting of the outstanding movie star.

Already at 11 she took her first step in the cinema. Soon she realized that acting was her calling and rushed to enter a theatre university. After her participation in «28 Days Later», she deservedly gained overall fame and recognition.

Currently, the charming 43-year-old actress enjoys her life to the fullest and still actively takes part in movies. What concerns her personal life, almost nothing is known. The only thing we know is that she doesn’t have kids.

Not only her brilliant acting skills and indescribable beauty, but also her sense of style are appreciated by thousands for whom she is a role model. There is no denying that now she looks much younger.

In order to retain her beauty and to be fit and healthy, she does regular workouts and is actively engaged in modeling.

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