«Breaks the beauty standards»: Far not everyone appreciated the bold look of the most famous non-standard model

You will be surprised to see what this plus-size model looks like in a candid look

In today’s complex and pluralistic world, where certain beauty standards domain, there exists a phenomenon called body positivity which receives absolutely different feedback and is interpreted differently for different people.

First, this movement emerged so as to openly support those with disabilities and some disorders and in order to make them feel confident and «included».

However, this concept has gained another meaning. In most cases, it justifies the laziness of those who are not eager to change themselves and their lives for the better.

Recently, one plus-size girl has gained overall popularity with her brightness, charming appearance and rather non-standard figure. She often becomes the subject of heated discussion on the web.

People are of absolutely different opinions of this unique model. Some keep claiming that she looks simply amazing. Some never miss a chance to condemn and judge her for being non-standard.

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