«Love lies in the eyes of the beholder»: The way legendary film star Brosnan’s wife looks became the subject of heated discussions

Brosnan’s wife has noticeably gained weight and changed beyond recognition

Believe it or not, everyone’s favorite film star P. Brosnan has lately celebrated his 68th birthday. However, the great actor is still in perfect shape and looks quite attractive. This, unfortunately, can’t be said about his chosen one according to some netizens.

Keely, whom the well-known star met in the 1990s, still remains his beloved wife without whom the talented actor can’t imagine his life. The legendary spouses are still inseparable and have created a strong and beautiful family.

Meanwhile, the netizens have recently noticed that the beloved wife of the actor has noticeably gained weight becoming totally unrecognizable.

Judging from the most recent vacation shots, she has become much plumper and it is rather hard to recognize the former charming woman here.

However, her husband never misses a chance to proudly announce that he loves her just the way she is.

«You won’t see anything worse today», «How has a thin and attractive woman turned into a plump and plain housewife?», «What did he find in her?», «It’s time you pull yourself together», «One of the strongest and exemplary couples of today».

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