«Her disease put an end to her career»: The news that Dion has been diagnosed with an incurable disease saddened the fans

Famous singer Dion diagnosed with a rare ailment is no more able to sing and move

Already as a youngster, future worldwide popular singer C. Dion delighted the entire world with her brilliant vocal skills and angelically beautiful voice. Now that she is 54, she is diagnosed with a disease that has become a threat for her drizzling career.

No one had any idea that the popular singer has recently been obliged to put an end to her career the reason of which is a serious ailment she has been diagnosed with. It is known that this disease is extremely rare and affects 1 person in a million.

The disease she currently suffers causes involuntary muscle tension which, unfortunately, leads to speaking and moving disabilities.

This terrible ailment has no treatment prophylactically and may cause the patient to lose his or her ability to move, walk and even eat.

This was the reason the well-known singer had to cancel her tour thanking all her fans for their sincere words. Everyone rushed to wish her health and patience.


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