«Old but gold»: The exclusive archive photos of film stars Willis and Moore became the subject of heated discussions

Here are rare archive photos of young Willis with his ex-wife film star Moore

Previously, legendary actor B. Willis and outstanding actress D. Moore were regarded one of the most beautiful couples in Hollywood. Whereas it is not a secret that the spouses are divorced. However, they still keep in touch with each other.

Recently, the eldest daughter of the ex-spouses has shared some exclusive archive photos of her young parents where the newlyweds were just about to create a family.

Here, it becomes quite obvious than Moore has never undergone plastic surgeries and the gorgeous appearance of the iconic brunette is, in fact, a gift from the Nature.

Although they are divorced and the prominent actor is married to E. Heming, the ex-spouses are still in a close relationship and aren’t going to cease to communicate. In this heartwarming photo, the ex-spouses look absolutely happy.

As a reminder, their relationship had lasted 13 years and they had three heiresses. However unusual it may be to realize, Willis used to have dark hair and beard. The reason for their divorce was conditioned by Moore’s busy schedule.

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