«Without a bra in a see-through dress»: The «House M.D.» star drew everyone’s attention with her Alexandre Vauthier gown 

The seductive look of Remy «Thirteen» from «House M.D.» left everyone speechless

These days, the Los Angeles Film Academy Museum held the annual gala, undoubtedly one of the longest-awaited events.

Among the attenders of the remarkable event became, perhaps, the brightest representative of the «House M.D.» star O. Wilde. With her spectacular appearance on the white carpet, Olivia immediately drew everyone’s attention to her.

The 38-year-old film star gave her preference to an Alexander Vauthier bodycon dress with pink feathers. No one could take their eyes off the world-class star’s iconic look.

It was quite clear that Wilde was wearing no underwear. The see-through dress of the movie star perfectly emphasized her slender body and charming look. And, her «natural» makeup suited her delicate look.

It is known that Olivia has been dating Harry Styles for nearly two years, however, the couple hasn’t made a public appearance yet.

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