«How fast time flies before our eyes!»: This is how the adorable children of the «Pretty Woman» star has changed over the years

Here are exclusive photos of actress Roberts’s family you have hardly ever seen

Apart from being a successful, charismatic and incredibly talented actress, J. Roberts is also a caring parent who prioritizes being a mother rather than her acting career. Many are convinced that she is an exemplary wife and a devoted mother.

The Hollywood actress has three absolutely adorable kids –and the youngest heir. What concerns her daughter, she is a brilliant student at a private school.

However surprising it might seem, she has already tried her hand in the cinema acting in several movies, yet her cherished dream remains becoming a model. One can say that she has everything for achieving great success in the modeling business.

Her twin brother is still hesitating and can’t decide what profession to choose. On the other hand, he has excellent vocal skills and is likely to become a singer in the near future.

One thing that is obligatory for the actress is to prevent her children from registering on social media and appearing in the spotlight of haters and ill-wishers. That’s why one can come across only a few photos of her kids.

Lately, the actress’s husband’s touching words to her deeply moved the followers. «We love you so much, dear Mummy».

Everyone was in awe of the heartwarming family photo and rushed to complement the outstanding actress and her beautiful family.

She still manages to keep the balance between her acting career and her precious family.

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