«She seems to need help»: The passers-by got confused seeing Jolie’s heiress Shiloh upset and with an exhausted look

The paparazzi caught actress Jolie’s daughter whose appearance raised questions

Very few would ask who Shiloh is, since millions of the fans of Jolie and Pitt definitely know the heiress of the ex-couple. One can often see her with her mother shopping or simply walking. Whereas the teenage girl has lately been spotted alone.

It has been announced by the legendary Hollywood actress that her kids don’t have any friends and the only friends for them should be their parents and siblings. The world-class star is more than sure that there is no need for anyone else.

Many, of course, started to question the accuracy of Jolie’s way of raising her children since they felt pity for Shiloh. The teenage girl looked exhausted and, according to some, even devastated being in a total-black look.

It is quite likely that the reasons for her depressed look are the problems concerning court squabbles her parents have at the moment.

It is worth mentioning that if there would be a choice between Jolie and Pitt, she would undoubtedly choose her father.

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