«No more mini skirts and false eyelashes!»: The entirely new image of Wurst became the subject of heated discussions

The way Conchita, the Eurovision winner, has changed left the fans speechless

You will definitely remember the name of this scandalous and actively-discussed but truly brilliant and talented singer who became the well-deserved winner of the Song Contest.

At that time no one could remain indifferent towards the extraordinary appearance of the unique singer who made a splash every time he appeared on stage.

Whereas recently, the popular singer decided to radically transform his image and now there are no heels, skirts and false eyelashes. It stands to reason that the incredible transformation of the performer strongly impressed his followers.

Many reacted positively to the entirely new image of Wurst who doesn’t even think for twice to decide on experiments on his appearance.

«My heart belongs to you», «We definitely didn’t expect such radical changes!», «What an attractive guy!», «He has changed for the better. For sure!».

«You left all of us speechless», «No one was ready for this», «We could live to this moment!».

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