«What a powerful thing genetics is»: The incredible resemblance between actress Witherspoon and her mother delighted the fans

Witherspoon shared a photo of her 74-year-old mother and left everyone speechless

Among Hollywood’s most outstanding, successful and towering actresses is, unquestionably, Reese Witherspoon. However, only a few know that behind this delicate blondie lies a strong-willed and determined woman.

Many are convinced that there is an incredible resemblance between the actress and her mother. Some were even quick to call them «two drops of water». Once the star shared a photo of her mother, it became clear why Reese is so pretty.

Here is Betty Reese who, regardless of being 74, still looks stunning and full of life and energy. Many are sure that the eminent actress inherited the best features from her nice-looking mother who still shines delighting everyone with her charm.

It was «Legally Blonde» (2001) where she portrayed the leading character that brought the future star overall recognition and incredible career heights. In 2003, she starred in its second part which was also a success with a budget of $8 million.

It should be mentioned that the Hollywood film star has her significant contribution to children’s clothes collections for low-income families in the territory of Canada and the US. She is also the face of Avon and chairman of their philanthropic foundation.

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