«The femme fatale then and now»: The «James Bond: Casino Royale» star surprised everyone with her entirely natural look

Actress Green without any makeup looks unrecognizable in the eyes of her fans

Many strongly hold the opinion that actress Eva Green is among the most charming women on the Globe who possesses rare beauty and her femininity knows no boundaries.

Green was born in France to a well-to-do family, therefore she had no needs and any financial problems. For those who didn’t know, Eva has a twin sister and, what concerns her mother, she used to work in the film industry too.

Quiet and reserved Eva managed to surprise absolutely everyone becoming a well-known actress. It was the great movie «James Bond: Casino Royale» that helped her become famous. Yet, she first refused to play the role of the agent’s girlfriend.

The most recent film that she brilliantly took part in was «Dumbo» and, now, the prominent actress is actively working on two more films simultaneously.

After many years of being in search of the love of her life, Green met Tim Berta alongside whom she acted in several movies. The celebrated actress is actively engaged in sports while being an excellent cook and a big lover of delicious meals.

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