The little girl befriended with birds and received presents from them

The adorable relationships between birds and a little girl, who was very kind to them

A little girl named Marie Spreigner, who lives in Seattle adores collecting things. She has many small things, that she keeps, but they aren’t the things she hunts like other kids. All the presents were given by her friends.

The things were received from birds, with whom she befriended like in cartoons. Maria was still very small.

As she is very small food just falls from her hands when she goes out. The crows come just when the girl goes out and follow her to make sure they could get something.

Maria also gave her leftover school lunch to the birds. And so they became friends with the crows, who were waiting every morning next to her house to welcome her and accompany her to the bus stop.

Maria also placed a feeder and drinker next to her house and fills it with water and food every day. She is very kind to the birds. And the birds started to bring her gifts as a sign of gratitude.

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