The best companion for travel. The dog and the girl became an adventurous couple 

A van is the most comfortable vehicle for pets 🤗🥹

A girl named Marina Piro was in love with traveling and so she considered renovating her old van she named Pam to go on adventures with her beloved canine friend. She was born in Italy, but now lives in the United Kingdom. But her beloved thing is traveling around the world to live her life to the fullest with her dog.

An old van had five doors.

The girl considered renovating it from the inside and wanted to changed it into a van with a bed, curtains, a kitchen, Led lights and even indoor plants. And she was able to change the van and it became her and Odie’s home.

Marina wrote on the Internet, that she considered traveling in a van just because of Odie.

A van is the best vehicle for the dog, as there are still many buses, rails and airlines, that didn’t allow pets. And also there are many more difficulties finding a comfortable place for them.

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