The cured dog showed the world its new face. He’s absolutely different

The dog recovered very quickly and it seemed as if he wasn’t in a bad condition at all 🐶🥲

The volunteers of the Animal Aid Unlimited Group helped the dog, who was absolutely leftover on the streets of India. A kind man called the group and told about the dog’s huge abscess beneath his chin.

And when the volunteers finally took him they first of all went to remove his huge abscess. They were able to catch him by gaining his confidence with some food.

At first they shaved the area and they finally drained it by inserting a small tube into his neck after all was complete.

Mango’s recovery was quick and his abscess vanished. It only took 15 days for the dog to fully recover. And now it is hard to believe, that he had been in such an awful condition.

He was lucky, that Animal Aid Unlimited saved him in time.

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