Phoebe Halliwell from «Charmed» then and now: Here is Hollywood star Alyssa Milano from the sci-fi series «Charmed» today

All the eyes were on 1990s’ Hollywood actress Alyssa Milano’s seductive look

Here is one of the most popular, successful and outstanding Hollywood stars from the 1990s Alyssa Milano who, regardless of her age, still pleasantly surprises everyone with her attractive photos and rather bold outfits.

The well-known star best-remembered as Phoebe in the science fiction series «Charmed» shared rather candid photos leaving all her fans speechless on the last day of winter. Many were delighted with the 50-year-old woman’s attractiveness.

And her recent candid photo shoots in a bathtub and being completely naked and proudly showing her attractive body has long been discussed by the netizens. With those photos, the Hollywood star definitely surprised her followers.

«There is nothing better than a hot salt bath when it is raining outside. Nothing», – wrote the outstanding actress under the scandalous photos.

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