«Three kids, but still not married»: This is what Vin Diesel’s chosen one, Mexican model Paloma Jimenez looks like

Here is the «Fast and Furious» star’s longtime partner who gave him three children

The overall-recognized and enormously successful actor, best-remembered for his role in «Fast and Furious», has happily been in a relationship with model P. Jimenez for already a long time.

One may say that Diesel’s previous relationship weren’t successful. The great actor was lucky to meet Michelle Rodriguez on the set of «Fast and Furious». Whereas, their relationship failed to last long.

What concerns Czech actress and model Pavla Harbkova, she became the new love of the legendary film star whom he first met on the set of the action movie «Three X’s».

Meanwhile, the time has come for this charming Mexican model P. Jimenez who gave the man three children. Now Diesel prioritized his time spent within his family and always makes sure that his offspring have everything they need in life.

However, the action movie star hasn’t married the model yet.


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