The street cat finally received the needed assistance and medical help

The kitty was adopted after the full recovery 

One day a homeless cat entered into the courtyard of a private house. She was very unhealthy and needed immediate assistance. The woman living in the house considered to help the cat.

The woman fed the kitty for a month and later she understood it needed to be taken to the vet. She called the volunteers from the local shelter and they named the kitty Trunya.

After the examination it turned out, that the kitten needed to have a number of operations. And after all the medical assistance the kitty was healthy, active and friendly pet, who wanted to have a family.

Trunya was adopted from the shelter by a loving family and we hope she will have a wonderful and happy life in his new home.

There are hundreds of animals in need of attention and assistance. We must do everything for them and even giving them one piece of bread will be a true blessing for them. And most importantly we shouldn’t left them when they need us.

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