«The chosen one of Sherlock Holmes»: This is the star from the detective series «Sherlock» with his wife Sophie Hunter

Here is the star of «Sherlock», legendary actor Benedict Cumberbatch’s chosen one

The romantic relationship between well-known and successful actor Benedict Cumberbatch and this charming woman has already lasted for 10 years.

Being a rather conservative person, the film star has been in his first relationship for 12 years and with his beloved wife for already a decade.

It was in 2014 that the couple announced their engagement and already in a year they got married continuing being absolutely inseparable since then. The chosen one of the prominent actor became his colleague Sophie Hunter who is only 2 years younger.

Although the world-class actor maintains some secrecy and doesn’t like to share details concerning his personal life, it is known that the legendary spouses have three heirs which was revealed quite by accident when Sophie couldn’t hide her tummy.

Cumberbatch maintains the boundaries between his drizzling acting career and his personal life. He tries to spend as much time with his precious family as it is possible.

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