«All her beauty secrets uncovered»: Mexican actress Hayek shared all the secrets to her «ageless» beauty

Here are all the secrets of Salma Hayek that help her retain her beauty and youth

However surprising it might seem to many, the Mexican actress has already turned 56. Of course, it is rather hard to believe since the talented and successful film star still wins millions of hearts with her «ageless» beauty and unearthly charm.

The whole thing it that the iconic woman has certain beauty secrets that on a daily basis help her retain her charm and youth. No one would deny that she looks at least 20 years younger. Here are some of them that might be useful for you too.

One thing that has become a part and parcel in her staple diet is bone broth with cider that she consumes every morning. Also, lots of vitamins and minerals significantly contribute to her beauty maintenance and are good for her hair, nails and skin.

What is more, the legendary Mexican actress often consumes freshly-squeezed juice made out of fruits and vegetables that contain less sugar and no preservatives unlike those from supermarkets.

In order to keep her hair shiny, lush and gorgeous, Salma often sprays sea salt as well as regularly makes masks for her hair and scalp with the help of egg yolks, oils, avocado and other products.

What concerns the eyelashes and eyebrows, she often applies sapta oil on them in order to make them grow and become much thicker.

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