«The legendary magician then and now»: This is how overall-recognized illusionist David Copperfield looks and lives now

Here is «The man of magic», renowned illusionist Copperfield after years

Meet one of the most gifted, renowned and successful illusionists of our time, David Copperfield. However surprising it might seem, the great magician is already 64.

There was hardly anyone both among adults and the young who didn’t like the incredible tricks performed by this prominent illusionist. His brilliant skills and great talent left every single one speechless.

Even for professionals and doubters it was rather hard to solve the secrets lying behind the tricks he brilliantly performed. According to reliable sources, Copperfield earned about 4 billion dollars in the prime of his drizzling career.

Copperfield is also believed to be the magician who sold the most tickets and his name is even listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

Though he hasn’t performed for a relatively long time, his mind-blowing tricks, great talent and incredible abilities are still highly praised by many. However, most of the tricks he performed were solved and comprehended later.

Meanwhile, the legendary star didn’t have any financial losses and soon bought a house with various high-priced antiques. Now, he lives in New York with Chloe Gosselin and their child.

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