«Aniston was a perfect daughter-in-law for her»: Here are Brad Pitt’s parents who disapproved of his dream of becoming an actor

This is what the parents of Hollywood’s main heartthrob Brad Pitt look like

As it is known to us, one of Hollywood’s hottest bachelors, main heartthrobs and the ex-husband of the world’s most beautiful woman A. Jolie doesn’t really like sharing details of his personal life.

The «Mr. and Mrs.» star doesn’t lead any social media sites and has participated in very few interviews. The parents play an integral and irreplaceable role in the man’s life. His father was a manager for a trucking company and his mother was a teacher.

As Pitt later admitted, they disapproved of his cherished dream of becoming an actor. What is more, his friends didn’t support him when he decided to move to Los Angeles for the sake of an acting career.

Jane, the actor’s mother, really loved Aniston who was the perfect daughter-in-law for her. Whereas she didn’t really like Jolie claiming that she was hard to get along with. As a result, they saw each other rather rarely.

Their relationship even worsened when they were to take part in the children’s upbringing. It should be added that permissiveness by Jolie wasn’t accepted by Jane since she didn’t like Shiloh dress like a boy.

Years after the spouses’ divorce, Jane wasn’t allowed to see her grandchildren so often and their relationship worsened even more. It is relevant to mention that the lawsuits are still pending.

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