«Seeing him suffer breaks my heart into pieces»: The condition of legendary actor Bruce Willis has considerably worsened

The way Bruce Willis diagnosed with dementia has changed saddened the fans

For those who still don’t know, prominent and highly-respected actor Bruce Willis has been diagnosed with dementia. The 67-year-old film star has now no other choice than accept his fate. Very often, his health condition leaves a lot to be desired.

The charming wife of the eminent film star has admitted that his abilities to listen and speak have dramatically worsened and he is often unable to control and realize what is actually happening around him.

Recently, the seriously sick movie star has been caught with his charming wife outside their residence. Many rushed to leave comments. «An unfortunate fate», «I feel pity for him».

«How sad it is to see our idol suffer», «It breaks my heart, I swear», «I wish God give you health and patience», «He has aged dramatically».

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