«Bellucci and her chosen one on a date night»: The breaking news that Bellucci and Tim Burton are dating surprised everyone

According to Paris Match, actress Bellucci and filmmaker Burton are in a relationship

Just lately, the Paris Match newspaper published paparazzi photos of one of the iconic and most successful Italian actresses Bellucci while being on a date with filmmaker Tim Burton. It goes without saying that the news left everyone astonished.

Despite many people’s objections, the fact that they were seen together hugging and kissing each other remains undeniable. In these photos, the 58-year-old beauty icon and 64-year-old Tim Burton were taking a walk hand in hand.

Even when the couple noticed the paparazzi, they didn’t get confused and continued their way. Though there hasn’t been any official announcement yet, it is quite clear that there are in a relationship.

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