«I’m in a twist»: The «Wednesday» star delighted her followers proudly showing her slender figure in her recent video

Zeta-Jones at 53 shared a video in a bikini surprising the fans with her perfect body 😍

Catherine Zeta-Jones is among those world-class and most influential celebrities of our time who often proudly demonstrate their entirely natural look and, at that same time, aren’t afraid of age-related changes at all.

Frequently, the outstanding star shares videos of her during regular workouts and trainings. However, her marriage to a man considerably much older than her has long been the subject of heated discussions.

Many were simply delighted with the charm, elegance and the female attractiveness of Zeta-Jones who hasn’t ever ceased to pleasantly surprise her followers.

«I’m in a twist», – wrote the star.

What can you say about the outstanding 53-year-old actress’s appearance?

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