«What if obesity was in fashion?»: You will be greatly surprised to see how overall-recognized stars would look if they had overweight

Let’s imagine our favorite celebrities had excess weight! This is how they would look

We all are accustomed to seeing our favorite stars always in shape and perfect physical properties which they retain with the help of regular workouts, a healthy diet and beauticians. However, what if they had overweight? Can you even imagine?

A. Jolie

This legendary, in-demand and outstanding Hollywood actress has always been thin and possessed slender figure. This is her with 40-50 extra kilos!

L. DiCaprio

The legend of Hollywood film industry and the «Titanic» star has always had an athletic and attractive body. What if something changes?

J. Aniston

We’d better not imagine Rachel from «Friends» with excess weight!

J. Depp

Even overweight won’t change this iconic film star for the worse.

J. Roberts

Many are convinced that Julia will look totally unrecognizable with some excess weight. Do you think so?

K. Reeves

He looks even better! How come?

B. Pitt

With excess weight, the main Hollywood bachelor looks like a completely different person.

D. Radcliffe

The plumpness makes the «Harry Potter» star look even cuter and more adorable.

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