«The target for millions»: The chosen one of the world’s most handsome man is the center of everyone’s attention

Many are sure the world’s most handsome man’s wife doesn’t deserve to be with him

After moving from Saudi Arabia where he had some serious scandals with the police officers who accused Omar of behaving in an indecent way, the world’s most handsome man decided to settle in the USA.

Currently, Omar is doing quite well in the States. However, when the big army of his admirers learnt that the attractive man has a wife and a son, they were simply left astonished.

Omar’s chosen one appeared to be Jasmina Oveda who immediately become the center of heated discussions by the netizens.

The opinions about the most handsome man’s wife are divided since while some are convinced that she is absolutely beautiful, others find that she surely doesn’t deserve to be with Omar.

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