«The most famous Australian hunter then and now»: Paul Hogan famous for his role in «Crocodile Dundee» has become unrecognizable

This is how Paul Hogan, the Crocodile Dundee star, has changed over years: Photos

Prominent and talented actor P. Hogan became famous due to his role in the comedy «Crocodile Dundee» and won millions of hearts with his sound sense of humor and charisma. He started participating in castings listening to his friends’ advice.

After many minor roles, the great actor gained overall recognition due to his leading role in «Crocodile Dundee» becoming the favorite actor for millions at that time.

Since the outstanding actor couldn’t resist the star fever, his family almost parted and his wife Linda Kozlowski was about to divorce him.

After some time, the great film star took part in the second part of the action film anticipating the same incredible heights, whereas it wasn’t really a success.

Currently, the talented man is already 83 and has stopped acting in films.

Have you watched the comedy film? Did you like the leading actor?

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