«The legend of phenomenal tricks after years»: This is how overall-recognized illusionist David Copperfield looks and lives today

Here is an illusionist and the author of incredible tricks David Copperfield today

However surprising it might be to believe, overall-recognized and brilliant illusionist David Copperfield has recently turned 64.

A large number of people were simply delighted with his phenomenal tricks and «magic» trying to find their solutions admiring his professionalism and incredible talent.

It is worth mentioning that he was one of the most influential and successful stars in the 1990s who, according to reliable sources, earned nearly 4 billion dollars.

He has been called «the magician who sold the most tickets». Moreover, Copperfield has been listed in the Guinness Book of Records.

However, nowadays, the overall-recognized illusionist appears in public rather rarely.

Shortly after his tricks were solved and shared in the newspapers, the illusionist lost his fame and popularity among his admirers.

Millions were disillusioned with the so-called «magician» whose tricks were no longer a mystery.

Meanwhile, the financial state of the great man wasn’t affected by this at all.

It has become known that recently the prominent star has bought a property with many antique things inside.

What is more, a magic museum has been established after him.

Now, Copperfield lives with Chloe Gosselin and their daughter in New York City.

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